Powerhouse Your Features

Be your own PR wizard and make the most of your portfolio and editorials

The secret sauce for working smarter and not harder? Letting your portfolio advertise itself on a loop.

Sounds familiar?

  • You felt like you were going to get SO.MUCH.DONE in your business with this sudden downtime, but then felt paralyzed not sure where to start.
  • You hear everyone talking about the need to just “show up”, but you’re not sure what to share or what to post about
  • Since weddings have been postponed till later in the year, you’re out of fresh images so you’re stuck on what to blog about or how to get your name out there without sounding repetitive
  • You can’t wait to work with your favorite wedding creatives, but with big collab shoots on pause you’re not sure how else you could connect with them to collaborate
  • You’re tired of hearing that you should blog more often, but UGH….who has the time or what do I even blog about?!

Maximize the wedding images you already have and catapult your exposure with styled shoots
Learn how to automate your content calendar for the YEAR so you will never feel like you don’t know what to blog about to promote your business (hello, SEO!)
Lesson 1
Creative Collaborations
The 5 types of collaborations every wedding creative should know about and how to use each for your niche.

Practical collaboration ideas you can implement NOW

Sequences and workflows that make managing photoshoots a breeze. We share our tools + tips that take the work out of project management

Lesson 2
What Publishers Really Look For
Everything you need to know for optimal wedding submissions no matter what your aesthetic or niche is

Understand the why behind many publishers’ selection process and how to get a yes

Who pays for what when it comes to shoots and how to comfortably talk about costs with colleagues

Where to cut costs and where to splurge with budget breakdowns of some of our past styled shoots

Lesson 3
Planning Your Content Calendar
How to effectively use each self-publishing platform for best results

Boost SEO with existing content you have and batch scheduling

Defining the right messaging for social media, blog and newsletters

Lesson 4
Schedule Your Content Calendar in Less Than 30 min
How to batch schedule your content calendar for the YEAR without having to wait for new weddings to share

Download: Trigger words + list of over 100 blog post ideas

Plus: Content Marketing Roadmap
My Powerhouse Your PR course will get you teach you how to maximize exposure, show you creative ways to get your brand on the map beyond shoots and take the work of generating your own site content.



  • All lesson plans in the Styled Shoot Starter Guide
  • All templates & Pitch Scripts
  • Styled Shoot Agreement & Model Release
  • Budget Tracker Tool
  • Our Prop Resource Lists & Downloads
  • BONUS:
  • 50+ Original Styled Shoot Moodboards Created by Ruffled

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You may recognize me as the Editor of Ruffled which launched in 2008. After reviewing and featuring weddings and styled shoots for 10 years, I’m always asked for specific feedback on why certain styled shoots don’t make the cut.

Creating content that engages on your own channels and shared by others are paramount to staying top of mind and easily findable by couples. Make it easy for others to do the advertising for you by creating content that gets shared.

Being the INTP type that I am, I realized there’s a formula for creating content that can truly make the most of any photo shoot.

When done correctly, styled shoots are like modeling clay for your brand. They advertise your work for you to your ideal client.

And I’m not just talking to photographers! Stationers, cake designers, floral designers, event planners, and wedding jewelry boutique owners: this is for you too!

I created this course because I’ve been asked for years on what makes content stands out from the crowd and I believe being noticed online shouldn’t be for just a few select wedding creatives.