Weddings have suddenly been put on hold, but your creativity doesn’t have to.

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Everything we use to plan and produce editorials that get featured

Let me quiz you for a second. How many of these ring a bell to you?

  • After all sudden restrictions on big celebrations and wedding postponements, you feel the need to continue to create beautiful work but aren’t sure how to get started
  • You hear everyone talking about thriving through this, but you aren’t sure how you can pivot or what you should share
  • Now more than ever, you’re stretched for time. As CEO, you’re busy reassuring clients, restructuring your entire calendar, brainstorming new offerings and maybe homeschooling some kiddos on top of it all. You don’t have time to go down rabbit holes of education that provide little value or lead you nowhere!
  • You participated in workshop shoots before, but so did 19 others so you’re stuck with images that aren’t unique to you
  • Was a part of a wedding shoot before, but you’ve been burned before for either donating products or time and don’t have the images you need for your bottom line so you’d like to take the lead for that editorial you have in your head
  • You’re tired of spending so much money in shoots that just feels like a bottomless pit. You don’t see any return on these, so you feel like your options are hoping for enough word-of-mouth bookings.

All of this downtime got you itching to create again

You know that amid rescheduling weddings, you still need to create content but aren’t sure how to get started, specially during these times.
You already have the vision, you just need the tools to make it happen.

Through years of being the publisher of Ruffled and having reviewed hundreds of thousands of submissions PLUS leading and directing many styled shoots of our own over the years, we’ve learned what makes readers – and publishers – tick. It’s not about guessing the next wedding trend, because let’s face it, trends have a short shelf life. It’s all about aligning your brand with content that brides want to engage with. No ads, no hustling on the gram, just a sustainable system that puts what you’re good at on the world stage.

Does that sound like a marketing plan you can get behind?! So keep reading then, because I’d like to introduce you to your secret styled shoot blueprint BFF:

Create viral wedding shoots that everyone wants to feature, accelerate your traffic and explode your client reach
Step-by-step lesson plans where you’ll learn how to automate your marketing efforts, create content with purpose and explode traffic that will transform your wedding business
Lesson 1
Building Your Team
How to approach vendors, wedding gown designers and boutiques with our email swipe files

Sequences and workflows that make managing photoshoots a breeze. We share our tools + tips that take the work out of project management

Lesson 2
Budgeting for Photoshoots
How to make the most of your budget and how to approach vendors about costs

Who pays for what when it comes to shoots and how to comfortably talk about costs with colleagues

Where to cut costs and where to splurge with budget breakdowns of some of our past styled shoots

Essential Toolkit for Photoshoots
All Templates and Docs You Need
Budgeting for photoshoots and how to make the most of your budget, where to invest and where NOT to spend money on

How to craft a compelling pitch to a power team of vendors, venues and fashion designers you want to align your brand with

Photoshoot Agreement and Model Release templates, Budget Tracker and Prop Resource List
My Styled Shoot Starter Guide will get you covered with all templates and tips you need to create your next shoot so you spend less time spinning your wheels and more time creating.

Styled Shoot Starter Guide Students Get a Solid Core of Perks:

original moodboards

Would you like a little push to get your wheels turning, straight from an editor? I’m sharing over 50 (!) fresh moodboards that you can use for your next editorial. This bonus will not be around forever!

insider templates

Snag ALL of our templates, email swipe files and agreements we use for our own shoots. Not sure how to approach vendors? Borrow THAT wedding gown? We got you!

must be da money!

Who pays for what? How to approach vendors about budgets? Included in this guide is a budget calculator and a modular cost-splitting tool that will break the ice without breaking your bank.



  • All lesson plans in the Styled Shoot Starter Guide
  • All templates & Pitch Scripts
  • Styled Shoot Agreement & Model Release
  • Budget Tracker Tool
  • Our Prop Resource Lists & Downloads
  • BONUS:
  • 50+ Original Styled Shoot Moodboards Created by Ruffled

Styled Shoots aren't just for Event Designers

From Fiskars:

Working with Amanda for the past 3 years has been an absolute pleasure. Her strong content, positive attitude, ability to identify trends, and willingness to go above and beyond for our brand has made her the best partner. We started to work with Amanda to hit a new audience and since our tools are the perfect fit for the DIY wedding category, and this partnership has completely exceeded our expectations. Not only are we reaching our target audience through sponsored posts on her blog with strong engagement, but her content is a consistent top-performer for us when we share on our platforms. - Abby and the team at Fiskars

From Tyler Rye, Photographer:

We featured Tyler Rye’s styled shoot on Ruffled, and from that feature alone he catapulted his destination elopement niche and today he is the go-to photographer for stunning desert elopements.

You've got two choices here..


You can keep trying to patchwork information given freely on the internet or hear the same-ol’, same ol’ advice at speaking engagements on this topic… Or … You can learn my exact strategies and use my step-by-step blueprint for creating content from a publisher’s perspective with a system that takes the work out of project management. Because let’s face it, styled shoots are 90% planning and 10% creating and you’re more of a doer than a planner (you’re my peeps, creative folks!), so why spend so much of your time spinning your wheels before you get to do what you really love?

You can hit the ground running with a strategy in place before you jump on the next styled shoot!

What happens when I sign up?

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Step 3

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You may recognize me as the Editor of Ruffled which launched in 2008. After reviewing and featuring weddings and styled shoots for 10 years, I’m always asked for specific feedback on why certain styled shoots don’t make the cut.

Creating content that engages on your own channels and shared by others are paramount to staying top of mind and easily findable by couples. Make it easy for others to do the advertising for you by creating content that gets shared.

Being the INTP type that I am, I realized there’s a formula for creating content that can truly make the most of any photo shoot.

When done correctly, styled shoots are like modeling clay for your brand. They advertise your work for you to your ideal client.

And I’m not just talking to photographers! Stationers, cake designers, floral designers, event planners, and wedding jewelry boutique owners: this is for you too!

I created this course because I’ve been asked for years on what makes content stands out from the crowd and I believe being noticed online shouldn’t be for just a few select wedding creatives.